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Kristen Ford

Kristen Ford - White Man's Dream (Single)

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"White Man's Dream" is Kristen Ford's first release on RBR, produced by and co-written with Ani DiFranco. It's a call to action, for women to change the rules of the patriarchal game and demand their freedom, autonomy, expression and joy.

Ani met Kristen at a show in Provincetown in 2022 and was immediately won over by Kristen's energetic live show. They recorded the track in New Orleans, with Ani on bass and production duties, directing Kristen through lead guitar parts and vocal lines, as Kristen called on the spirit of Prince, moving from lead guitar to drum set to harmonies and beatboxing.

kristen has a spark that ignites things around her- a passion and a mission and the energy to see it through. i look forward to introducing her to my audience, on this tour and with the upcoming album. - Ani

To be signed to a label that has been around just about as long as me, run by a badass troublemaker, and to be writing songs with my hero and making recordings sculpted by her ears hands and heart - I know together we will do great things. - Kristen