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Ruth Theodore

Ruth Theodore - Hold On Me (Single)

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4 song single from forthcoming LP 'I Am I Am' (album available for preorder here on vinyl, cd, digital).

  • Hold On Me
  • People People
  • Thompson
  • Full Metal Jacket

“Hold On Me” is a lilting number that reflects on an intense love in the balance. Theodore likening her deep physical urge to be with her lover to the pull of the ocean, all the while acknowledging the bittersweet ultimatums that are beginning to raise their heads. Even as one of her more conventional compositions, “Hold On Me” refuses to be pinned down, drawing in sweet pop amongst blues licks and choral harmonies. The essence of co-producer Todd Sickafoose is also felt throughout the track, with his knack for seamlessly interweaving genres echoing the hallmarks of his production work on Anais Mitchell’s Hadestown